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Online Users: 787

Tracking Number: ~ (zsh)

Successfully connected to the Satellite (332FS2)^2000
Importing : AES_256_Keys();^2500
Importing : Open_SSL_Encryption();^2500
Importing : Server_332FS2_Keychain();^2500
Processing Data.^3000
Traceability Status: Positive^2000
Subscriber Identity Module: ^2000
Country: ^1000
Launching the operational tracking process...^4500
Activating data exchange process...^2400
Launching Global Positioning System...^5800
Triangulating Position...^5800
Downloading Data Packets...^4800
Extracting Coordinates...^4500
Securing Connection...^5800
Connecting to Google Maps...^5800

☛ Your GPS Coordinates were successfully generated.☚


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